How long does sinusitis last? Understand!

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The question for many people is: how long does sinusitis last? This is because the pain caused by this disease is strong, causing people who suffer from this problem to have their routine impaired.

In addition, the quality of life decreases, as it is necessary to deprive oneself from performing various activities because of the pain, such as going out with friends, traveling and even working.

Thinking of helping you, I decided to write this article to explain how long sinusitis lasts and to answer other very common questions about this disease. Follow up!

How long does a sinus attack last?

It depends on the type of sinusitis you have developed. According to Dr. Marcelo Sampaio, an otolaryngologist, there are two types of this disease:

  • • acute: when symptoms last up to 4 weeks and pain is predominant in the sinuses;
  • •the chronic: when symptoms last up to 3 months, even with the treatment being carried out properly.

Why does sinusitis feel like the head is heavier?

The sinuses region is composed of air so that it is possible to project our voice and reduce the weight of the skull. When an infection develops due to allergies or infections, secretions accumulate in this area, so you feel as if your head is heavier than normal.

Why is there tooth pain when you have sinusitis?

Sinusitis can cause toothache because of the location of the inflammation. The nasal cavities are very close to the molar roots, which is why many people have the feeling that the tooth is hurting, which is not true. What really hurts is the region where the infection is installed.

Why do air conditioning and cold blows make sinusitis worse?

Very dry environments help to aggravate sinusitis. In this sense, the air conditioning used to acclimatize the environment causes the place to reduce its natural humidity, thus hindering the routine of those who live with sinusitis.

In addition, there may be an accumulation of dust particles in the device, which spread into the environment. These factors together are elements that contribute to the inflammatory picture of sinusitis.

Why does sudden temperature change make sinusitis worse?

Sudden changes in temperature are directly or indirectly related to sinusitis. The factors are varied, I highlight the main ones below:

  • • there may be a change in air humidity, as already mentioned;
  • • cold can cause irritation to the mucous membranes;
  • • outerwear that we wear when the temperature is lower may contain dust mites and other allergens;
  • • due to closed windows, there is less air circulation in closed environments and consequent accumulation of particles;
  • • when there is an increase in temperature, in some circumstances there may be greater proliferation of pollen in the air, which is another allergen.

Now you know how long sinusitis lasts! When identifying the first symptoms, look for a health professional so that he can indicate the most appropriate treatment for your case. Adopting preventive care is also very important to prevent the onset of the condition.

Making use of natural medicinal products is also an excellent way to improve sinus symptoms.

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