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Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamin C, D and Zinc

Vitamins are organic compounds of great importance for the correct functioning of the human body. These compounds cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by the body itself and must be acquired through the diet. Minerals are inorganic elements that perform a variety of functions in the body. Although there are more than 50 minerals in...

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Glutamine: a summary

Which is? Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It is one of the molecules that form the protein needed to nourish and repair tissues such as skin, nails, muscles and organs, in addition to acting as a nutrient for immune cells and presenting an important anabolic function, promoting muscle growth....

Vitaminas do complexo B

Do you get tired easily or do you have recurrent canker sores? Learn more about the B complex vitamins and how they can help you:

When our body is not well and is unregulated, it tries to communicate with us through unusual symptoms. These symptoms can be mild or severe, but they are always bothersome and should get our attention. For example, some of these symptoms such as tiredness or fatigue, inflammatory processes such as sinusitis, among others, may be...

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Find out how to boost immunity quickly!

In order to have full health, carry out plans, and get through the day-to-day routine, you need to know how to boost immunity quickly. The body and mind depend on a balanced immune system to function in harmony. A healthy life requires changes in habits, especially eating habits. Low immunity can cause the emergence of...

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After all, what can you do to improve sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a health problem that affects a large part of the Brazilian population. For you to have a base, according to data published by the Brazilian Association of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Surgery (ABORL-CCF), one in five people develop this problem throughout their lives. In addition, sinusitis has significant impacts on people’s quality of life,...

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Rhinosinusitis makes your head heavy?

Popularly known as sinusitis, rhinosinusitis is characterized by an infectious bacterial process that inflames the cavities around the nasal passages. But why is it that, when you have the disease, there is a feeling of heaviness in the head, among other symptoms? The skull region is formed by bony cavities around the nose, cheekbones and...

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Rhinosinusitis cause toothache?

Why when I have rhinosinusitis do I feel like I have a toothache? This question is common to those who, at least once in their lives, have been affected by this disease popularly known as sinusitis, an infectious bacterial process that inflames the cavities around the nasal passages. The sinuses are aerated cavities inside the...

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See what the symptoms of low immunity are!

It is common to hear that people who get the flu frequently need to strengthen their immune system. They’re not wrong, as one of the classic symptoms of low immunity is the flu and recurrent colds. The immune system is made up of a set of cells, tissues and organs that together help fight the...

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