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We are passionate about the versatility of mushrooms!

We have been in the fungiculture market in Brazil for over 20 years. We follow the entire mushroom process; from field to processing in industry to ensure the final quality of our products. We put our passion for mushrooms until the moment of delivery to our customers.

Own laboratory

Our products undergo high standard analysis to ensure quality.

Good habits

HN mushrooms are cultivated in compliance with the regulation of good practices through natural and ecologically correct methods. We use environmental preservation procedures, vetoing the use of synthetic materials such as pesticides and transgenics and guaranteeing the quality of our raw material. There is no contact with animals and dirt from external environments.
Não há contato com animais e sujidades dos ambientes externos.

Environmental Responsibility

All production waste is sent to organic farms, with the reincorporation of organic material into the soil. There is no emission of polluting gases or contaminating residues in the process.
We handle pests with equipment that respects the environment.

Respect and partnership with rural producers

Respect for compliance with social and work safety requirements with quality management in all sectors.

Certifications and partnerships

HN Food is constantly looking for new market opportunities.

We currently export dehydrated mushrooms and dried concentrates or in dyes.

• Our exports are carried out by air or sea.

• Products are selected with strict quality criteria.

• HN Food guarantees the quality of products with a nutritional analysis certificate and others requested.

Scientific research proves

Mushrooms cultivated in Brazil have a high concentration of active principles depending on the climate and substrates used in their cultivation

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